Bolton Metro meet cancelled.

Good afternoon everyone,

I have received an email today from Bolton Metro Swimming Club advising us that next weekend’s Regional Qualifier has been cancelled due to industrial action being taken at Darwen Leisure Centre. Please see below the statement issued by the club:

“Hello all,
It is with regret that our 2 day regional qualifier gala next weekend has been cancelled. 
BMSS were contacted yesterday afternoon by the manager at Darwen pool and informed that all staff, including lifeguards, are taking industrial action and are on strike from Wednesday for one week leading to the closure of the pool. 
This was a huge shock and BMSS have explored every possible angle with the manager to try and enable the gala to go ahead. We have also attempted to source another venue but to no avail. 
We apologise for this inconvenience but this cannot have been foreseen and cancelling the gala is completely out of our hands.
I will email you all individually over the coming days to arrange refunds. Cheques have not been cashed so we can either return these or destroy them. 
Kind regards
BMSS Compsec”

I am sure that you are all very disappointed by this announcement but the situation is out of Bolton’s hands and they have been left with no alternative. With regards to refunds, if you paid Oldham Aquatics by cheque or cash, we will arrange to refund your entry fees and coach pass contributions. If you paid Bolton Metro directly, Bolton will organise to make the refund. As we have just hit the start of half term and many people are away, please bear with us for a little while so that we can organise this in due course. We thank you for your patience and we are really sorry that this has happened.

Kind Regards,

Karen Braddock – Competitions Secretary, Oldham Aquatics SC