Oldham Aquatics Swim Team are the disability hub club for the Oldham Swim21 network. We can offer any swimmer with a disability a free swimming assessment following the disability talent identification guidelines. From this assessment we will be able to signpost you to the correct level of club.

The assessment consists of a short warm up then -Swim 1 length timed Swim, 1 length fast*  1 length medium* 1 length slow*  45 seconds rest after each length *Rest period is a guideline dependent upon the athlete abilities, this can be increased or decreased as appropriate Race Activity Race 1 length .

Swimmers who feel they can swim more than 1 stroke can then repeat for other strokes.

These swims are a guide to your current ability and your future potential they ensure your individual circumstances are taken into account. If you can swim a length you can have an assessment.

Want to ask a question, book an assessment or need advice call Head Coach Mark Lord on 07590553700 or use our contact form Click Here.

Please complete this form and bring along to your assessment. Click Here


Full details on what to expect are contained in the Disability ID Tool-kit Click Here 



Want to find out more here’s the link to Para swimming main page Click Here