New Gala Info

Wigan Best level 2 meet Friday 26th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th November 2021

This year wigan best will be running an online entry system. Entries are now open, Meet information can be found here

Burnley Bobcats meet info.

As the weekend of the Bobcats meet in October draws closer, we need to advise of some additional guidelines/conditions we have implemented to ensure the meet runs as smoothly as possible and to also ensure we give everyone some confidence following what has been a really difficult time for everyone over the last 18 months or so. 

The meet is going to be a very busy weekend of racing. We have tried our very best to give all swimmers as much opportunity to race as we can. To help us with this can we please have your support to work with these guidelines/conditions, so we can hopefully have a great time with some great racing.

Seating and Changing arrangements for teams.

  • All swimmers will be based in the sports hall with designated areas provided for each team (there will be no poolside seating for swimmers).
  • On arrival, swimmers, coaches, and team managers should go directly to their designated area in the sports hall and remain there unless they are getting changed, warming up or racing.
  • Changing rooms will be available throughout the weekend, we request that swimmers keep changing time to a minimum, avoid gathering in groups and return to the sports hall as soon as possible.
  • We are utilising this space as a holding area to ensure the poolside is clear for officials and coaches. Swimmers should only be on poolside as they warm up, progress through marshalling and to receive feedback from their coaches. 
  • We will have a team of competitor stewards / martials based in the sports hall and on poolside. Swimmers will need to report for martialling in the sports hall and will then be sent in their heats to the team on poolside.
  • Swimmers should ensure that they are dry before returning to the sports hall.
  • Swimmers will not be permitted to enter the spectator area during the meet, and spectators must not enter the sports hall to ensure the safety of all competitors.
  • We understand that this does take away some of the usual comradery however, in the current circumstances we feel this is a necessary action. We would like to remind clubs that they are responsible to ensure swimmers stay within the designated areas and abide by these rules.

Team Managers / Chaperones

  • As swimmers will be in the sports hall, we will need each club to offer some support in looking after their swimmers and to ensure they report to martialling at the correct time. 
  • We are therefore issuing 2 x free team manager / chaperone passes to each club. These can be collected at the entry desk. If clubs can please arrange for a volunteer or two to help cover each session for your club it would be really appreciated. Bobcats will support as much as we possibly can do too. 
  • Please ensure that swimmers report to marshalling in the sports hall with plenty of time before their race. We also ask that we try and avoid any delays to keep the meet moving to ensure that we finish the sessions on time.


  • We are expecting the warmup sessions to be very busy, so to help support his we are looking to create an area within the sports hall that will accommodate dry land warmups. 
  • A free lunch will be provided to all coaches and officials (this does not include Chaperones). With the sports hall being used to hold swimmers we have secured a room just outside the building called ‘Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio’. This will be open from 11am to 3pm both days. Please make your way there for your lunch.


  • Whilst spectators are permitted, we have been recently advised to limit the numbers on the gallery to just below full capacity. We are therefore requesting that all parents please keep this to one spectator per swimmer. This does mean that we may have to refuse entry to some spectators.
  • As each session finishes, we are asking everyone to vacate the spectator gallery for a short time whilst we sanitise the area. All personal belonging will need to be removed between sessions.
  • We are also recommending that everyone who attends the meet to take a lateral flow test prior to their arrival, and we also recommend that this is uploaded to the government website.

Finally, as this will be one of the first meets back for most swimmers following what has been a very long and difficult absence from competitive swimming, we really want everyone to have the best time. We understand that some of the conditions noted above might still be a little different to what we know from the past however, we feel this is the first step in getting some kind of normality back and we hope that everyone can respect and support us in hosting a great meet.

We hope you all enjoy the weekend… see you all there 😊


Bobcat Committee

Session alteration.

This Thursday 23rd September junior and county group to train with Regional group at Oldham 7:15pm-8:15pm. This will be a time trial so please bring a spare towel and T-shirt’s.