Return to training……

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We will return to training on Wednesday 2nd December.

Unfortunately as we are in new tier 3 we are not able to let over 18s return to training. If you are over 18 your direct debit will remain frozen.
If you are over 18 and would still like to attend the gym and public lane swimming as individuals we can offer a discounted rate of £25 per month. Please let me know if you want to take up this offer. 

Once again I must remind everyone that social distancing must be practiced at all times.

Face mask update.

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With the the new rules taking effect in Oldham face masks are now compulsory for customers when visiting. Please be aware everyone must wear a face mask when entering all ocll buildings.

Swimmers you must wear a face mask on entering the building until you get changed and put back on before you leave your changing cubicle. 


Parents please be aware you will now have to wear a face mask at all times in the building. Even when sitting on the balcony. 

Please be aware this is no longer a recommendation it is compulsory.

Multiple emails.

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Please ignore all the emails, from swimlessons@ocl unfortunately the system for keeping a register of who is attending is designed for swimming lessons who attend once a week. So you will get multiple emails about class movement, moving class, leaving and cancellations. I have no way of turning these off as they are auto generated. Please keep attending your normal Ats sessions.

Any changes will be communicated via our Oldham Aquatics News email, website and social media.

Mask advice.

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Following on from recent Government guidance, OCL from this point forth, will be encouraging the use of face coverings for members of the public when navigating their way through the building and when in a public vicinity such as a spectator area.

Appropriate clothing.

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We have noticed that swimmers are arriving dressed in clothing that is not suitable for quick changing.

Parents please ensure your swimmers arrive beach ready. This means costume on with loose fitting clothing.

Leggings, jeans and tight fitting casual wear is not appropriate.

The gold standard would be a swim parka changing robe. Next would be lose fitting shorts and T-shirt or tracksuit.

We are expecting swimmers to exit the pool. Then towel dry and don lose fitting clothing and promptly leave. This must take no more than 1 to 3 minutes.

We are going to monitor what swimmers are arriving in as well as how long they are taking to get changed.

Parents we really need your support on this matter and you must stress to your swimmer the importance of spending as little time as possible in the changing room.

Failsworth timings.

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As we need to keep everyone safe we need to add some extra timings to our Failsworth sessions.


Enter building 15:55 Swim 16:00-17:05 exit pool 17:05 exit changing rooms 17:10


Enter building 17:10 swim 17:15-18:20 exit pool 18:20 exit changing room 18:25


Enter building 18:25 swim 18:30-19:35 exit pool 19:35 exit changing rooms 19:40


Enter building 19:40 swim 19:45-21:00

Seating for spectators is limited to maximum 10 people. Please if you can do some shopping and wait outside.