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Over the next few days I am planning to update out class database. You may get multiple emails about starting and leaving classes. Please ignore the emails. Everyone is in the same groups as before lockdown.

ATS direct debits.

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All ATS direct debits will automatically start so there is no need for you to do anything. If however you have decided not to return to ATS then please let me know so I can cancel your account, otherwise your account will stay live and your account will go into arrears.

Sessions resume Monday 27/07/20

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ATS will resume training week starting Monday 27/07/20. Please read below about what to expect and session changes.

On arrival you will be met by a member of Ocll staff who may ask you a few health questions. (If you feel unwell or have any symptoms of Covid-19 do not attend your session.) You will need to use the hand sanitiser provided.

Check in at reception for your session. (Your swim session are all precooked for you you do not need to book these on the app)

Please only arrive a maximum of 10 minutes before your session. Swimmers should shower at home before and after your swim. Arrive with your swimwear on underneath your clothing.

No swim bags are to be brought onto poolside. Lockers must be used for your bags and clothing. Ensure you have a pound coin for locker.

Only net equipment bags can be brought onto pool side. No equipment bags are to be left at the pool.

Any equipment left behind after each session will be disposed of straight away. There will be no lost property. So please after each session check you have collected all your equipment and take it home.

Please ensure you bring enough to drink as water fountains are turned off. Water is available to purchase from vending machines.

Only use changing cubicles to change if needed. Group changing rooms are strictly out of bounds.

Parents, sessions can still be viewed from balcony. We ask you maintain social distance from each other. Whenever possible please can you drop off and pick up to limit number of persons in the building.

For the first few weeks we will not have any morning training so we can get use to the new systems.

No land training sessions will take place until further notice.

Solo Gym sessions can be booked via the Ocll app. Again you will need to book in at reception for any gym sessions you have booked. Under no circumstances should any swimmer enter the gym without booking in at reception first. Numbers are restricted in the gym and a log of who as attended must be kept.

Lane etiquette: please remember we are going to be swimming in double lanes. This will mean more continuous swimming sets.

Session alterations.

Due to the new Swim England guidelines on swimmer numbers we need to make a few temporary changes to some of our session times.

Temporary Timetable

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Let’s go..swimming..

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Great news it looks like we will be back in the pool soon. From the 25th of July it looks like we will be on track to get back into training.

Please try and be patient as all your ATS coaches are still on furlough and we will have lots of retraining to do before we get going.

I will update everyone as soon as I have any solid information about how and when we will hit pool.

Thanks Mark.

It’s a No…

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Sorry everyone we will not be back in the pool on the 4th of July. I know how much we are all missing training, competition and our teammates. Please keep the dream alive and look forward to diving into the pool as soon as Borris says Take your Marks!

Thanks Mark

Ready Steady GO……Maybe!

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In the coming weeks, it looks like we will be able to hit the pool again. In preparation, we need to have a look at how things might be different than they were before lockdown.

Guidance from Swim England can be found here.

Lane etiquette.-OCLL has asked us to change our lane layout into double-sized lanes for all sessions, as we sometimes have for morning training. The number of swimmers per lane has been reduced to 10 swimmers per double lane at Oldham, Chadderton, Royton, and 8 swimmers at Failsworth. Fortunately, our groups are small enough to accommodate this.

Pre and post-swim showering-Swim England recommends that swimmers should shower at home before coming swimming. This will help the pool keep a good level of free chlorine. The level of free chlorine is affected by how many contaminates people bring into the pool from oils and skin cells, etc. Free choline is needed to kill bacteria and viruses. Swim England also recommends that swimmers should shower at home after swim sessions to minimize the time spent in the changing rooms. This means that swimmers should arrive at the pool with swimwear under their clothes, and afterwards, a quick towel dry, dress and return home.

Training programme-Swim England also recommends that sessions should be aerobic endurance-based long swim sets to minimize any time stood at ends of lanes. This looks like the biggest change for the time being as swimmers will be asked to do longer distance sets with little rest.

Swimming equipment-Please can we ask that swimmers have a full supply of their own kit, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, fins, snorkel, and full drinks bottles for each session. It is very important that swimmers use their own kit and are not allowed to share or loan equipment to other swimmers.

We do not have a firm start date at the moment and we will update everyone as soon as it is announced. Similarly, we have not heard how and when your direct debits will restart. Morning training will not take place until we are comfortable with the new sessions and new ways of working.

Please make sure you read the Swim England guidance thoroughly as this will be the new normal for some time.

Training as normal.

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Our pools are still open, training is as normal until further notice. Any changes will be sent out by email and social media as well as our website.

Please look at these sources and not text your coaches.