Asda Token Collection:

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Asda Token Collection:

We have been selected for the green token collection at Asda Chadderton.
Please tell all your friends and do lots of shopping at Asda Chadderton. see email from Asda below.

Happy New Year to you, and I am pleased to inform you that Oldham Aquatics
> Swimming Club has been chosen as one of the participants of our Green Token
> Voting in store here at ASDA Chadderton.

> The voting will take place for the two months of January and February, and
> you will be advised at the beginning of March which amount you have won.
> The good cause with the highest number of votes receives  £200 and the
> other two receive £50 each.

> Please do not be concerned if the box goes from full to empty, as we have to
> empty them during the course of the months, however, a note of the positions
> is made prior to any emptying taking place.

> Good luck
> Kind regards
> Jacqui
> Jacqui Knowles
> Community Life Champion
> ASDA Chadderton

Session Alterations:

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Session Alterations:
Due to Greater Manchester meet and city of Derby meet there will be:
No training Friday 10th  am session all groups.
No training on Saturday 11th January am session all groups.
No training Monday 13th am session.
National groups Friday pm session is cancelled any national group swimmers who are not competing should swim 6pm till 730pm with regional youth.